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Who's in the Video
Ryan McGinnes was born in Virginia Beach, VA. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts, Pittsburgh, PA. He has worked as a Curatorial[…]

Ryan McGinness makes no distinction between his artistic mediums.

Question: Do you distinguish between painting, sculpting and environments?

McGinness:    No, I guess I don’t.  I used to do more kind of instillation… sight specific work whereby I would go into, you know, a museum or a gallery or an environment… a space, a blank space and I wanted to create my own world in which to locate the paintings and the sculptures.  And I think I always wanted to do that as a way of owning the space but recently the paintings have gotten larger because I wanted all of the energy and all of the blood and tears that I have been putting into the walls which are essentially temporary to kind of go into the canvasses so that canvasses have become their own environments by shifting scales, yeah.