Richard Armitage on Darfur and Infectious Disease

Armitage strongly argues that the Darfur and AIDS crises are too important to ignore.
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Question: What issues don’t receive enough coverage?

Armitage:    I think there are probably two.  Darfur is the one that’s gotten me very unhappy because it has . . .  It’s got everything.  It’s got energy avarice.  It’s got inhumanity.  It’s got tribal and racial aspects.   It’s just got inhumanity on a grand scale.  And so I think we ought to step up and take a look at that.  To some extent all of us are our brothers’ keeper.  And the other is the question . . . the whole question of infectious diseases.  In some ways in Africa, we . . .  George Bush doesn’t get any credit.  He’s put four times as much money into this as any other president, and he’s had some . . . some success in some of the infectious diseases.  HIV/AIDS is still a real problem.  And it . . .  He doesn’t get enough credit for it, and therefore he doesn’t get enough . . .  with the next administration, he doesn’t get enough sort of psychological award to really continue this great effort and this great struggle.