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Who's in the Video
Born in 1960, Wes Boyd co-founded the public policy group and political action committee, with his wife and business partner Joan Blades. Founded in September of 1998 as an[…]

Wes Boyd started programming at 14.

Wes Boyd: My name is Wes Boyd. I’m from Berkeley, California. I grew up when I was a kid in Michigan. And so it was a fairly small town – although Ann Arbor is a college town – small town way to grow up. And that was very comfortable. I look back on it with, you know, a real fond feeling. But then my folks moved out to Berkeley, California when I was about 11 years old. And that’s a very different place. So we’ve experienced, you know, quite a few different . . . different kinds of towns. San Francisco is very cosmopolitan and the Midwest is very different.

I didn’t really think much about what I was going to do when I grew up. I . . . I was working very young. I started programming when I was about 14, and so I was working at different jobs from that point on. And it was just a passion to make the computer do interesting things.

Recorded on: 7/5/07