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Dr. Amy Gutmann became the eighth president of the University of Pennsylvania on July 1, 2004. In her inaugural address, Gutmann launched the Penn Compact, her vision for making Penn[…]

We are not taking advantage of our ability to create multinational, multilateral alliances.

Amy Gutmann: Globally I think we are not taking advantage of our ability to create multination, multilateral alliances. I think even on a smaller scale than nations, we’re not doing enough to combat global warming. We’re not doing enough to educate people who are incredibly talented in this world. We’re not doing enough to deliver healthcare to infants, and children, and women who are, again, wanting to be enterprising around the world. Those are the issues that we’re not addressing. But there’s one underlying cause of our not addressing that, I believe; which is not taking advantage of how we can come together despite our differences, and deliberate and decide to do good. We need more institutions that bring us together in civil but robust ways to do good in the world.