Re: What is the world's biggest challenge in the coming decade?

We need to address the issue of climate change, says Boyd.
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Wes Boyd: Well the biggest challenge has to be climate change because we have to figure out what we’re gonna do about it in the next five to 10 years. And again that’s, you know . . . In terms of using the technology to sort of help wire up democracy, that’s why we do what we do from the standpoint of the philosophy behind the work. We think that if we bring these people into the system, that the intelligence and resourcefulness that they bring to it will help us solve these big problems. It’s like wiring out our cultural mind. And if we don’t . . . if we fail . . . if we fail to get smart enough fast enough, it could be game over. We could see a really tragic time when our world goes from 6.5 billion today to nine billion in a few years, and then crashes to two billion. And that’s a time I personally I don’t want my kids or my grandkids to be going through.

Recorded on: 7/5/07