Re: Are two parties enough?

I think there is clearly room at this point for a third party because the Democrats, since they’ve taken control of Congress, have done very little to build public confidence. The public approval ratings of Congress are as low now as they were before the 2006 election. The Republicans are carrying the burden of the Bush administration. I think it’s wide open for an Independent or a third party candidacy. Recorded on: 9/13/07

Broder thinks there is room for an Independent party.

Why Simone de Beauvoir didn’t believe in being ‘a strong woman’

De Beauvoir finds that the ‘strong woman’ is actually just bound to housework

Culture & Religion

In The Second Sex (1949), Simone de Beauvoir argued that women were at a disadvantage in a society where they grew up under 'a multiplicity of incompatible myths' about women.

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Strange magnetic pulses that happen at midnight detected on Mars

A NASA robot on Mars sends back unusual findings, including timed magnetic pulses.

Credit: NASA
Surprising Science
  • Scientists reveal preliminary findings from NASA's Insight Lander on Mars.
  • The lander has been on Mars since November 2018.
  • The data includes detection of magnetic pulses, happening at local midnight.
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Why the Fourth Industrial Revolution could spell more jobs – not fewer

Is the pessimism about jobs totally unwarented?

Morris MacMatzen/Getty Images
Technology & Innovation

Ever since Homo erectus carved a piece of stone into a tool, the welfare of humanity has been on the increase.

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