Paul Krugman on Opportunities from the New Administration


Question: What opportunity do you see coming for business from the new administration?

Paul: This is probably going to be pretty good for certain kinds of, well, for construction activity, non-residential construction activity, certain kinds of capital goods.  You know, this is, we’re looking towards stuff that will create business opportunities for whatever it is that takes to build a second real tunnel.  I’m not quite sure.  Holding the ground type stuff is going to do well. 

Question: What opportunity do you see out there?


Paul: Road repair, bridge repair, you know, a lot of repair stuff.  Aid to state and local governments, because the easiest way to increase spending is prevent a cut in spending, so you can do that.  And then, there are a lot of other new infrastructure projects that, I’m told, are ready to go quickly, so one of the ones I’ve been told about is the second rail tunnel under the Hudson River, which I have a personal interest in seeing happen, but those trains can be pretty crowded on holidays.  But there is, I’ve been told by people who seem to know what they’re talking about that that could, ground could be broken and employment can be ramped up quite quickly there, and that’s an example, you know.  Things that, infrastructure projects that are not something where we have to think, well, what is the plan here?  How are we going to do this?  But things where we actually have a plan laid out, the thing’s been designed, but it’s been waiting for someone to sign the check, and there’s a lot of that out there. 


Krugman tells us the sectors in which he sees opportunity

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