Nina DiSesa: Can leadership be taught?

Nina DiSesa: How can we teach that kind of the leadership, it is a good question, I have always try to do that. I mean part of my job is creative director has always been to nurture other creative people towards that end, I try to, we always try to create new creative directors and not all creative people are creative direct material. You actually have to have two sides of your brain, your keep savvy your right side functioning, you have to have a little bit of you left side and they have to kind of talk to each other, otherwise you cannot be a creative director, but I think you can teach them to do that if they have an inherent desire to have that kind of role, but I always say don’t go down that path unless you really want to, because there is no turning back once you start to be the leader.

Recorded on: 2/29/08

Not all creative people are creative "direct material." In order to be a creative leader, says Nina DiSesa, you have to keep your brain neatly divided in half.

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