Nina DiSesa: Are bloggers dangerous?

Nina DiSesa: Well I think that anybody who puts an opinion out there that is damaging anonymous way, I think people who are blogging, there are really good bloggers out there who are performing valuable services in there, its fun to have a really good blog on your computer into at engage in that. But I think the once that are the damaging ones are the ones that are very mean spirited wishes and anonymous. People don’t want to put their name on these horrible things that they write, they shouldn’t be allowed to do that. I have seen blogs where if you don’t have your name on it they won’t print your answer. And I think those are …. I think I respect those blogs and the people who run those blogs are have a great deal of integrity. If you don’t have the courage to put your name on your comment, then you shouldn’t have a platform to be so destructive and that’s what I find objection, not just in business, but the blogs that attack children that’s just children don’t have the thick skin that we have in advertising we use the people not liking what we do. I mean even creative people have this someone things and otherwise we put and get up and go to work every morning it’s the kids I worry about, because they don’t have that thick skin, and these wishes attacks on them is totally uncalled for and should be out lawed because I am going. So I know we get do that is not legal to do that but I wish we could.

Recorded on: 2/29/08



Put your name on what you write, says DiSesa.

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