New York's Rising Culinary Stars

Topic: New York’s Rising Culinary Stars

Dana Cowin: We love Degustation, Welsley Danforth, I pretty sure his name is, he does really beautiful little tasting plates. I love the team at Bar Blanc, they have just opened and they are and their foods are great and it’s interesting because there are some people in New York who've had restaurants before like Harry Heffernan who is about to open on Central Park south, and I am dying to see what he is going to do, I think his food is so sophisticated and elegant. So he is not new with that restaurant only new to the scene. I am a huge fan of Michael Psilakis who has with you know, Donatella,an incredible empire. So café on the west side its about to move. Anthos which is Greek, I was talking about the Greek trend that restaurant is just dazzling. That’s where I send everybody who says “I am sick of everything.” Go to Anthos. They have just opened Mia Dona, which is really generally priced and has some phenomenal dishes. They have something that’s deconstructed lasagna, made out of something that is sort of like an Italian pasta cuff bracelet with a red tomato sauce with a dollop of fresh ricottaon top and smoky mozzarella inside and garlic. It is so good and then they do a salt cod. I hate salt cod I hate salt cod and they do just the lightest most delightful deep-fried, elegantly deep-fried, salt cod and they do a deep-fried rabbit, I've never seen it, and they serve it as if its calamari like in a basket. It’s brilliant. This guy is brilliant anyway. So there is a lot happening here.

Recorded on: 3/7/08

Small plates and small spin-offs.

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