New York, New York

Question: How did you get into media? 

Frank: I knew I wanted to live in New York. It was in my blood and Miami was too small of the town for me. So I want to call of Philadelphia within I towards moving here when I graduated and studied English, so I fell in to magazines as a way to make a living should to body my time something else came along and the magazine thing does worked. My first job was is the Conde Nast Traveler magazine. I love travel, I love the magazine I did a good job there so I worked in the way up there. There is about seven years and there is as a senior editors, the news editor and then join a couple of other travel magazines and then will hire back by Conde Nast had that two years ago.

Question: What do you love about New York?

Frank: Non stop 24 hour energy and the ability to get the best of every thing at your finger tips or a phone call away, every thing from the best you see to the best in theater, to all of cuisines right and now I just I loved the fact is the 3’0 clock in the morning that can be a traffic jams of taxies and people on the street

Question: What is your advice for first-time visitors to New York?

Frank: The best of the major city for a first time whereas actually not manger, let it manage you a little bit and just get lost. There aren’t any dangerous places in Manhattan any more with the few rare acceptance that are all in the Hinterlands, so if you walk around you will see a lot of things you wouldn’t see if you stuck of that think to meet her, so you had a time square first of all right and the thing about time squares and I have seen I worked near from the times square, so I see people having this conversation let’s say we are trying to eat around here, it is all apple bees and McDonalds and Corbetts like that, we had back home and I want to say to them if you walk just two blocks a west head night avenue, there is restaurant after restaurant to restaurant that is all great ethnic food and all locally and it is just the so much favorites in New York that lies out side what the tourists usually do, so I say this hope one from for expert.

Question: Describe your perfect New York weekend

Frank: I actually had the perfect week end in New York couple, couple of years ago my partner and I stayed at the Peninsula hotel for a week end, we had a I gift stiff, great hotel right in mid town, so we can’t applied bit town tourists, we went to central park, we walked up and down stairs, up and down Madison, went to the met and then we went to assure I think was the age society of vehicle owners works and I am not the bigger hone of. Out of that what the hell is this, we need to sell about in such in kind of interesting and then later that afternoon we were stopped and had a drink at café on the on Madison Avenue and then walk your tone, so I was sort of the perfect New York experience try means like it you can you get the culture from the views point of view and then you also get to run in to those people will make the culture.

Question: What do you do to escape New York?

Frank: Actually I have a country house in the cats field, so that is my personal favorite escape but that’s all what going on just with in a few miles of New York that you can completely change your perspective on the area. So whether it’s going to beach in New Jersey or [inaudible] island or designing up to the mountain go to the Berkshire is only got 2 hours away and it is completely different scenery obviously but there is different place of life even I would in more than New Jersey you go to the Delaware water cab which is may be 2 ½ hours west of the city, studying landscape we replace in the concrete canyons with international things.

Editor in Chief of, Peter Frank, tells us why New York is the Big Apple of his eye.

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