Naomi Wolf on Her Heroes

Wolf:    I’m in conversation with this wonderful Retired Air Force Major David Antoon who’s really put himself and his family on the line to speak against the [evangelization] of military.  Michael Ratner is the head of the Center for Constitutional Rights, I adore that whole organization.  I have like a crush on the whole organization and I like threw a party for their interns because I just wanted to do something, you know, to show my love.  They took on defending the detainees out of respect for the rule of law when absolutely no one would touch that.  That’s what John Adams did.  He put his career on the line to defend the most hated prisoners of time, soldiers charged with the Boston Massacre because of his respect for the rule for law.  So, Michael Ratner is a real hero and the whole CCR are heroes and Marjorie Cohn of the National Lawyers Guild I really admire.  I was just on the phone as I mentioned with Charlotte Dennett who’s saying in public that she’s going to arrest the President or prosecute the President rather if she’s elected and I think that’s gutsy.  You know, I met this wonderful young Iraq vets who had the courage and patriotism to take their protest about veterans affairs to the gates of the debate and, you know, were trampled by police, you know, as a consequence and  there they were the next night, you know, at my event standing up and saying it again.  I mean, those are American heroes, you know, they are not being silenced.  Oh, so many.  Josh Wolf, no relation, he’s in the book, he’s a blogger in San Francisco who spent seven months in federal prison because he wouldn’t handover his sources to federal investigators a material he had about a protest, seven months because he believed in his job as a journalist.  I have to say I wish I had more heroes in the national media right now, but there are many, many brave Americans, many brave Americans I’m meeting across the country, you know, well known but many who are not well known who are really, you know, history is going to look back and say those are the heroes of this time.

Naomi Wolf names a few of the people who are keeping up the fight.

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