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Who's in the Video
Widely recognized for his leadership and accomplishments as a public servant and in private enterprise, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney currently serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Free and[…]

This is a decisive moment for America.

Question: How will this age be remembered?

Mitt Romney: This will be a time of decision for the world. We will . . . we will either combat successfully the growing threat of radical jihad and terror, or we will succumb to the weakness that I think is being peddled by leaders in the Democratic Party. I think that the prospect of America is bright; that our future is . . . is even better than our past, because I don’t think America is gonna turn left and follow down the pathway behind Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama towards Europe. I think instead we’re gonna remains strong. We’re gonna rebuild the kind of values that make America so strong. We’re gonna rebuild our economy to make sure it always stays number one in the world. And we’re gonna keep our military the strongest so that we can protect and preserve the peace.

Recorded on: 11/26/07