Mitt Romney: Are two parties enough?

Question: Are two parties enough?

Mitt Romney: Boy, they sure are. If you look at countries that have multiple parties, you find in many cases that the extreme party – the smallest party – ends up having a disproportionate strength by virtue of being the tiebreaker between the two major parties. And so I’m not somebody that is in favor of a multi-party system here in America. I think the Republican tent needs to be big enough to . . . to encompass a majority of the people of this great country.

Recorded on: 11/26/07


Two parties, says Romney, keep us from the extremism of small parties.

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'Upstreamism': Your zip code affects your health as much as genetics

Upstreamism advocate Rishi Manchanda calls us to understand health not as a "personal responsibility" but a "common good."

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