Michael Wolff for President?

The media entrepreneur defends his online aggregation site Newser and explains his lofty alternate career plans.
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Question: What do you say to people like Sharon Waxman who call Newser a parasite? 

Michael Wolff: Well I say, and I think I did say it, that that's ridiculous. She’s a parasite. She's first a monumentally moronic woman who got fired from The New York Times, who went into her business having written about someone in the New York Times who then invested in her company. This woman is beyond the pale and I assume she's just saying this kind of think about me because she knows I will rise to the occasion and she will get more publicity. So I don't think that I have to be the... this is a de-facto case of the parasite calling the parasite or black or whatever the metaphor would be. Anyway, I think she has a ridiculous site, which contributes nothing and serves no function and she will shortly go out of business. 

Question: What is Newser’s ultimate function? 

Michael Wolff: The ultimate function is to give you the news in a more efficient and more entertaining way than you get it now. So, we certainly would argue it offers real and certain value. 

Question: Why would someone choose Newser over the Daily Beast? 

Michael Wolff: The Daily Beast is very good, but I don't think you're going to your news, a comprehensive picture of the news in a very quick and entertaining way. You're going to the Daily Beast to read its articles, many of which are good, many of which are way too long and the Daily Beast is a source of commentary and good and less-good writing. Newser is the news, quick and fun. 

Question: If you couldn’t be a writer or Internet entrepreneur, what would you be? 

Michael Wolff: I guess I would be on television, I don't know. I would be the President of the United States. 

Recorded on May 19, 2010
Interviewed by Jessica Liebman