Mehmet Oz on Division of Responsibility

Mehmet Oz on Division of Responsibility

Mehmet Oz: I’m asked often is the government doing enough, what is the private sector going to do, where is the role of each in service? I mean, I’m concerned that if the government is doing it all, then it actually crowds off some of the initiative of people who are making a difference. That stated, you need to make it easy to make a difference, so when folks want to help, they have a way of helping. I think one of the most important things that this whole service movements is going to create is an expectation among kids going to high school that when they’re done, they’re going to spend a year serving the nation, whether it’s the military or going to old age facilities and making life fun for people who’ve given their life to this nation or playing the role, educating the next generation of kids about their bodies or some other facet of their life that they don’t know of about it. By making that an expectation rather than something noble and unique, we’re going to change the culture of volunteerism service in America.

Service should be expected, not treated as something unique.

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Wikimedia Commons
Culture & Religion
  • The Bajau people travel in small flotillas throughout the Phillipines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, hunting fish underwater for food.
  • Over the years, practicing this lifestyle has given the Bajau unique adaptations to swimming underwater. Many find it straightforward to dive up to 13 minutes 200 feet below the surface of the ocean.
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