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“The thing I find incredibly awesome about the internet is that it…weeds out the complainers.”

Question: How has YouTube changed comedy?

Lizz Winstead: Well you know, sometimes I feel a little bit with YouTube, it's like...You know when you go to a discount store like Marshall's or TJ Maxx and  you know that there's one Prada suit in all of those racks of crap. It's how dedicated are you to weeding through the bull to actually find the one or two amazing items that are there and I think that, well, YouTube has become a...certainly a place where you can find amazing pieces of satire and comedy, I think that really good stuff gets lost there because you'll see that there are places like Barely Political and Huffington Post where...if you notice a destination on the web now for satire you'll go there, rather than try to scour through...I mean, if I were to Google, you know, political satire, I YouTube a search of satirical videos I mean, holy moly, you know, it's providing a place for a lot of people to put them up. It's not really helping to weed out which ones are sort of making a point, which ones are just funny and stuff like that.

It gives people an outlet to do stuff which I like. I think the one thing that I find incredibly awesome about the internet is that it kind of weeds out the complainers. Because now you have a tool and a device with which you can learn to shoot  and learn to edit and write material and start your own webpage and put your stuff up and send it out to the world. And if you want to really dig around you can find a website can contact and say, "Hey, I'm doing these videos that I think would be right for your site." So, it's really getting the activists who are thinking about getting their message out, it gives them an opportunity...because for years we as filmmakers and writers and producers and actors had to wait for some network or some casting director to give us a forum. And now, we don't have to do that anymore. So people are still complaining then they're not really utilizing all that's available for them.

Recorded on: May 27, 2009