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Christie Hefner, daughter of Hugh Hefner, is the former chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises.During her tenure, Hefner restructured operations and initiated the Company's highly successful electronic and international expansion.[…]

Christie Hefner talks about ways she’s been able to plant the Playboy brand into dozens of different verticals.

Hefner:    Well, we believe the two ways have been through multimedia on the one hand, so that’s extending the brand and style of content which we do in everything from Playboy on Sirius Radio to Playboy on mobile.  But also via a licensing business model into appropriate other products and services that fit with the brands’ lifestyle and that’s the rational behind doing the Playboy Casino Club at the Palms in Las Vegas or Playboy Retail Stores around the world to support our Playboy consumer products.  And I think that many magazine brands do have a lifestyle aspect to them, and candidly, I don’t think have perhaps as much potential as Playboy does because it is such a strong consumer brand.  We do a billion dollars at retail of just consumer products, but can do appropriate, whether it’s events or other kinds of products or services under their brands.