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Lawrence Tribe is an American constitutional scholar and the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at the Harvard Law School. A longstanding proponent of liberal jurisprudence, in 2001 Tribe helped found[…]

People should be more aware of their impact on others.

Question: Collectively, what should we be doing that we’re not?

Laurence Tribe: Well I wish that people could be more focused on the impact that their lives have on others; that they should be more alert to the fact that even though as individuals they may not change the fate of the planet or even the fate of human civilization, that they should act as thought they can have that effect. That if people could act as though this one trip that they’ve got through this remarkable universe is one that they need to make the best of, that’s something that I would plead with people to do.  The other thing that I would plead with people to do is to be a little less confident that you know all the answers; to know that you may be wrong; to know that the deepest beliefs you hold just may not be right.  And therefore be less willing to impose them on others.