Jim Gaffigan on Political Correctness, Freedom, and "Game of Thrones"

Over a year ago

Comedians are contrarians by nature. Many claim that "nothing is off limits" and refuse to follow dictates of the so-called "PC Culture," i.e. the idea that some words are off limits because people find them offensive.

Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan doesn't buy this idea at all. He doesn’t think of being politically correct as being censored. Instead, being politically correct is about being respectful, or even just watching your tongue once in a while. There’s no doubt that some words hurt. Some words have a history connected to them that shouldn’t be ignored just because someone thinks it makes them seem daring.

Society is changing, and it has always been changing. Just a few decades ago, wearing a seatbelt wasn’t a necessary thing, and kids were known to play in the trunks of cars while their parents sped around corner. Now we know better. In the same vein, many of us have grown up a little, and know the world is a better place when we demonstrate respect by by making sacrifices for one another.

Perhaps some people find such language funny. Everyone has their own sense of humor. From a comedian’s stand point, such as Jim Gaffigan’s, there are plenty of other jokes that can be made. Why waste time on jokes that deliberately hurt others?

This is a new generation with a new moral standing. Every previous generation has had its changes, causing elders to chant about how things worked in "their day." And every generation has looked at those from the previous generation, and rolled their eyes at how backwards those seemed.

This doesn’t seem like the worst change from generation to generation. The PC Culture isn’t asking for a lot. It asks for a bit of respect, to acknowledge the pain linked to some words, and give that language some distance. All in all, it’s being sensitive to the people listening.