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James Love Barksdale offers living proof that all Silicon Valley entrepreneurs aren't cocky young upstarts faking their way to success. This consummate Southern gentleman, known for his folksy sayings and[…]

Barksdale doubts the coming of a Chinese century.

Question: Is China’s rise our downfall?

Jim Barksdale: Well I certainly think that China will be an influence, but I mean to be “the Chinese century” . . .  I think China will become certainly – hopefully – a bigger player on the world stage; participating more and helping to solve some problems of the world like global warming; giving more freedom to its citizens; recognizing more the First Amendment rights of Americans have cherished the right to free speech and free press.  But I think the Chinese have a marvelous contribution to make to this global economy.  I think this will be remembered as a global economy century with all the players taking a bigger and better role

Recorded on: 7/5/07