If you had $100 billion, how would you spend it?

Whores and charity, Huebel says.
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Question: If you had $100 billion, how would you spend it?

Rob Huebel: If I had a billion dollars? Oh, man. Whores. No. I actually don't need a billion dollars so what I would do is, like, give it away to charities and some-- I would try to knock out, like, one problem, like, I don't even know. That's not enough to feed the world but maybe, like, clothes for everybody in the world. I would buy clothes. Just knock that out. So now everyone has clothes. That problem is solved. And then, just to be a jerk about it, I would, like, tell everyone that I did that, like, look what I just solved. That problem is non-existent any more thanks to me. I'd be one of those assholes that, like, tries to get a lot of publicity for, like, doing good things like Richard Branson.


Recorded on: 4/1/08