Howard Bragman on PR Legends

Bragman: Howard Rubenstein is much more than a counterpart. I think he is a legend in my business, and I would only aspire to have the success that he has in this business. I mean, he’s become the go-to guy for politicians, leaders of industry, public figures, and I just think he’s an amazing guy. With true respect, I also think Harold Burson, who founded Burson-Marsteller, as somebody [I’ve] been practicing well for a very long time. I think Ken Sunshine is an excellent guy in this town. You know, there is a handful, but Howard is really the dean of them.

Howard Bragman mentions a few of his inspirations.

Participatory democracy is presumed to be the gold standard. Here’s why it isn’t.

Political activism may get people invested in politics, and affect urgently needed change, but it comes at the expense of tolerance and healthy democratic norms.

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  • Polarization and extreme partisanships have been on the rise in the United States.
  • Political psychologist Diana Mutz argues that we need more deliberation, not political activism, to keep our democracy robust.
  • Despite increased polarization, Americans still have more in common than we appear to.
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Surprising Science
  • Australian scientists found that bodies kept moving for 17 months after being pronounced dead.
  • Researchers used photography capture technology in 30 minute intervals everyday to capture the movement.
  • This study could help better identify time of death.
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‘I’ll have what she’s having’ – how and why we copy the choices of others

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