How Raw Milk Is Like Marijuana

Question: What are a few \r\nthings people can\r\ndo to eat healthier?


Nina Planck: \r\nIf\r\nyou want to change your diet the quickest way is to think about a couple\r\n of\r\nthings you can eliminate and a couple of things you can add.  I gather from the latest studies on\r\nweight loss diets that most people try to do too much and I expect that \r\nis the\r\ncase with real food too.  So do you\r\nknow how they refer to marijuana as a gateway drug to harder drugs like \r\nheroin?  Well I find that real milk is a gateway\r\nfood to other real foods, so one thing you might do is just raise the \r\nstandards\r\nof your dairy consumption a little bit. So if milk is a staple in your\r\nhousehold buy whole milk, not skim milk. \r\nBuy organic milk and not industrial milk.  Buy\r\n local, regional, grass-fed, un-homogenized milk.  And if\r\nyou can, buy raw milk.  Buy better\r\nquality dairy products.  Eliminate\r\nany fake foods.  That is an easy\r\none to remove.  If there is fake\r\nbutter in your fridge, throw it away. \r\nClear out your pantry of anything that is ersatz, imitation or \r\nfake,\r\nanything that has been injected, engineered, reengineered. \r\n You might consider eliminating\r\nindustrial corn from your diet altogether – so that would be corn syrup,\r\n corn\r\noil and all its friends actually, the yellow grain and seed oil, \r\nsafflower oil,\r\nsunflower oil, soybean oil.  They\r\nare not good for you for a host of reasons we haven’t had time to \r\ndiscuss\r\ntoday.  You could eliminate corn-fed beef, which \r\nwould be industrial beef and eat only better beef and you could\r\neliminate corn syrup from your diet. \r\nThese would be quick ways to start.  And I \r\nwould also just add if you have children in your house\r\nit’s a great time to get motivated to do these things. 

\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nAbove\r\n all, be\r\nan omnivore.  Eat things in\r\nmoderation and eat the best quality food you can find and afford. And \r\neat the\r\nfoods that suit your body, your cuisine, your culture and your history. \r\nAnd\r\ndon’t worry if the guy next to you loves lamb and you don’t.  If beef is your thing, make it your\r\nthing and don’t look over your shoulder. \r\nDon’t ask your mother what to eat. \r\nDon’t ask the USDA.  Don’t\r\nask the guy next to you.  Learn how\r\nto eat for yourself and you’ll be liberated.

Raising the standards of your dairy consumption can be a "gateway" step toward a healthier, more natural diet.

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