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New York-based architect Lee Mindel received his Master of Architecture from Harvard after obtaining his B.A., Cum Laude with distinction at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked for the New[…]

You can’t participate in history without understanding what it is.

Question: How has the history of architecture informed your work?

Lee Mindel: Well. I don’t think we can participate in history if we don’t understand history and so --- and it’s not just architectural history, its art history, political history, economic history and all those things make you a responsible person who in your own demeanor and field can then respond, but I feel like if I didn’t know from Stonehenge or hatchet are up through a piece of flying shrapnel. If I didn’t understand the process the evolution and the instincts of architecture then I wouldn’t be responsible. I wouldn’t understand how to go about it, but knowing your place and that you exist in a certain time as part of a kind of continual is so key to being a member in good standing.

Recorded On: 6/1/07