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Bob Menendez grew up the son of immigrants in a tenement building in Union City. A product of New Jersey's public schools and a graduate of the state's universities, he[…]

“We cannot afford any more of the illiterates they are sending to our shores.”

Question: How do we decide who can become an American?

Robert Menendez: Those who, in my mind, believe in what America is all about, and are willing to work for it and fight for it; who believe in the very essence of our principles of democracy – the rule of law; who believe in opportunity, but also in hard work and sacrifice to make that opportunity a possibility for them individually; who believe that ultimately the promise of America is not to be horded by a few, but to be shared by all of us who are . . . who call America our home. And so I believe it is those who believe in . . . and in their own lives from however humble to however powerful, live that American creed. I believe those are the true Americans.