Government Intervention in the Italian Economy

Pasquale Bova: Government can do certain things, can issue certain rules, can regulate certain markets, can allow interesting companies to be freer or less freer to move on. Can tax them or can tax more of them.

Of course, what is more important for the Italian economy is to regain trust in itself and, you know, the Italian companies has to regain trust in themselves and to keep growing with spirit of innovation that they had for so many years from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.

There is a crisis, of course, in Europe, as we know, I mean it’s the productivity doesn’t grow as much as we would like. The industrial output doesn’t grow as much as we would like. The internal demand is kind of soft, but it keeps innovation in terms of moving things.

And I hope the Italian economy at large can find again its spirit of innovation that was the characteristic of the economy and the Italian companies for so many years.

Recorded: September 24, 2008


Pasquale Bova references the past to see a brighter future for the Italian economy.

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