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Noted editor Bonnie Fuller has launched Bonnie Fuller Media to meet the evolving needs of her longtime loyal following. Twice named Advertising Age's "Editor of the Year," she's been responsible[…]

Will gossip become more international?

Question: Will gossip become globalized?

Fuller: American celebrities are a big export from the States because our movies and our TV shows are bought around the world. And so you have an enormous interest in American celebrities in India, in China, and Hong Kong – you know all kinds of different countries. Now for a celebrity from a foreign country to cross over into the States, they need a vehicle. And if they have a vehicle that puts them in front of American eyes so that Americans can see them or hear them, then I think that they have a big chance of succeeding here. And there’s lots of British stars . . . many British, and Australian, and Canadian stars that have become big stars here. But it’s because their movies came here or they landed roles here. So I don’t ___________ at all in the future for celebrities from other countries. Recorded On: 1/30/08