From One Nobelist to Another: Greider on Obama

Question: What was your opinion of President Obama’s Nobel \r\nwin? 


Carol Greider: Oh, I was very excited when I heard that he had\r\n won the Nobel Peace Prize, and I really saw it as a promise of \r\nsomething for the future. And he's been such a supporter of science, and\r\n science in the public eye, that I really felt like that was a very good\r\n thing. And I do see it as a hope for the future for the direction that \r\nhe is going in terms of world peace.


Question: Can science promote peace?


Carol Greider: Science can promote an understanding between \r\npeople at a really fundamental level. So yes, I think that science can \r\npromote peace by bringing people together to work on problems and to \r\nrealize that there are problems that everybody faces that can be best \r\napproached by people working together in different directions.

Recorded November 10th, 2009
Interviewed by Austin Allen

With President Obama having been awarded the Nobel Prize, biologist Carol Greider, a fellow 2009 laureate who waited 25 years to see her work honored, discusses whether he deserved to win so soon.