Feast or Famine?

Sure, it helps to have the right genes, but Dana Cowin says she stays thin through the "camel’s approach" to dining.
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Question: How do you do it?

Dana Cowin: I thank my mother for this and my grandmother. I have unbelievable genes. My grandmother was nick named Slivers and my mother could have had that nickname, had someone thought of it. So it’s genetics honestly because otherwise I would have to work out which I really don’t want to do to stay thin and the other thing is that I have a bit of camel’s approach to food. I'll go out for a week and then I tend not to go out for a week and then I will eat less. So I'll eat and eat and eat as long as I am eating, but I try to have balance and so either I balance by the week or if its look like I am not going to be able to balance by the week I balance by the plate and that means that I will have had everything. So back to the kitchen or to my husband he is delighted when works out this way, he gets half of everything that I have and so it’s all about moderation and people say “you have this job” It’s true. I take a bite of something from the test kitchen and if you eat in the test kitchen all day and you are full or I do and I am full, I don’t eat at night. So that’s the other thing knowing when you are full. Very common diet advise if you are full don’t eat.

Recorded on: 3/7/08