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Ambassador Neelam Deo is the Former Consul General of India in New York. She has a Masters degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and has taught in[…]

Harvard, Yale, Berkeley and Stanford are engaging in educational partnership with India, Neelam Deo notes.

Question: What is India’s big push in higher education?

Neelam Deo:    If we are keeping it to the educational area, of course, a lot of universities are looking for partners in India. And faculty exchanges, student exchanges, these are enormously beneficial also to India. I think the important development that has happened in America, to my mind, is that all the major universities are setting India study centers or they will have an Indian Studies initiative as Harvard has. Yale has started to offer a major in South Asian Studies. But 90% of South Asian Studies is really Indian Studies. Berkeley and Stanford have had long-standing collaborations. A number of business schools are being set up in collaboration with American institutions.

The Indian School of Business in Hyderabad in collaboration with Kellogg has already, after just 5 years of its founding, become one of the top 20 schools in the world. So, that’s the kind of dynamic which is very exciting for us.