Eating and the Environment

Blackburn: So to make this work we really have to have people join in their families, families join in their communities, and the communities to build their states and their overall.  So I do think we must get this toxic environment fixed.  And without that there just won't be enough motivation to choose the right food, to choose the right physical activity to get the dividend from the science and nutrition in this area.  So that I do want to emphasize and to acknowledge I need government, I need environmental engineers.  I almost need a new description or definition of what it is to be an American who takes on the responsibility to optimized their health, go for longevity and don't hurt themselves.

Question: Is obesity a global epidemic?

Blackburn:  Yes, this is an epidemic.  And I think where we start, since it appears that the-- you know, where the overeating and the diabetes meets seems to be creating the greatest new harm.  So giving a priority to fix the diabetes obesity problem, and that is worldwide.  I mean it's tragic to see third world countries now because they just get exposed to too much fat and too many excess calories that they're the least prepared to deal with this epidemic of weight gain causing diabetes and obesity.

How destroying the environment destroys our diet.

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