Does Latin America get enough coverage in The New Yorker?

Question: Does Latin America get enough coverage in The New Yorker?

David Remnick: I think Latin America is the place that’s probably gone with far less coverage than I’d like to see. And the answer to that is very simple. My editorship has almost completely overlapped with 2001 and after September 11th. And so, if our foreign coverage, which I think is more now in the last six, seven years than it’s ever been.

But if we can be faulted for anything, it’s an understandable, I think, obsession with the Middle East, South Asia, China. I’d like to see even more on China.  And Venezuela is an exception. But we certainly haven’t paid enough attention to Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and I’d like to see that corrected. But there’s a reason for it.


Recorded on Jan 7, 2008

Remnick's tenure happened to coincide with 9/11 and the subsequent fall out.

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