Dining with Kubrick and Einstein

Art dealer Arne Glimcher talks about a dream dinner conversation of reductionism and minimalism.
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Question: With whom would you like to have dinner?

Arne Glimcher: I'd like to have dinner with Stanley Kubrick. I'd like to have dinner with Einstein. I think that would be a nice dinner, the two of them. I I'd like to have dinner with the people that changed the 20th century. And they would all be the reductionist analytical thinkers of the time. So here's my dinner, you know, and I think that's much better. My dinner is Freud -- analytical thought dominates Freud; Picasso, analytical cubism; Marx, a new analysis of government; and Einstein, the idea of reductionism to subatomic particles. That would be the dinner I'd like to have. I think the conversation would be about the inevitability of reductionism and minimalist thinking.

Recorded on October 1, 2009