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Ambassador Neelam Deo is the Former Consul General of India in New York. She has a Masters degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and has taught in[…]

Despite reforms and deregulation, the Indian government could still loosen their control in several sectors.

Question: What’s the role of government in India’s economy?

Neelam Deo:    The government of India is, of course, in a process which will require more and more changes to the economy. We began the process by removing regulations, by opening up. Having done quite a lot of that and having been able to push up the rate of growth to 9%, we anticipate that it will probably be 8% in this financial year because of the state of the global economy. But, is there more reform that government of India needs to undertake? Yes. There is more reform that we need to undertake. But that’s the case with everybody you can always move on to a more conducive economic situation.

And among the areas of reform that is already being discussed that is on the [annual] is reform of the labor laws, is reform in the ownership of in the banking sector, in the insurance sectors, retail sale outlets. We are also in need of reform in the real estate sector, though, that’s a sector which is booming. So, yes, there are areas in which government of India will have to continue to make changes, to improve the framework within which entrepreneurs work. But Indian entrepreneurs by and large, respond very positively when some of these are undertaken on their expectations for the future and are among the most optimistic, the most positive in the world, I think.

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