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Who's in the Video
David Life is a co-founder (with Sharon Gannon) of the Jivamukti School of Yoga and co-director of the Jivamukti Yoga Center  in New York. Born in a small town in[…]

David Life, activist and peacemaker.

David Life: You know I feel that I’m an activist, a peacemaker. Of course I believe that peace has to come first from the inside. Until individually we find peace, then the outer symptoms of . . . of . . . that we find in the world of war and suffering wouldn’t disappear. So I think that what I do as a proponent of kindness and compassion toward all beings, awareness of the environment, political activism, this is a foundation for my yoga teaching. It’s not a . . . The physical practices that you do in a yoga class are ways of making the attention more focused and resilient to the ups and downs that one could experience in life. So I feel I am really making people strong in their conviction; strong in their . . . in their peacefulness so then they could . . . they could bring that out into the world. Recorded on: 10/31/07