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Who's in the Video
Kenny is Chairman and CEO of Digitas and is a member of the Publicis Groupe Executive Committee, the P12. He leads the Group's overall digital and interactive strategy. Beginning with[…]

David Kenny points out the silver linings in a recession.

Kenny:    What’s really important is that you focus your resources and your assets on the greatest value to your customers.  If you’re doing that and you’re really creating value for them, they’re going to disproportionally invest in what you’re doing, and I just think it’s so important to be focused and ruthless about only doing things that are valued by your customers, and if they’re not really valued and they’re not paying a premium for it and it’s not gaining share, consider getting out of it, because no garden ever grew unless you weed it, and I think that in a down economy you have to be especially good about weeding your garden of things that aren’t growing.