David Kenny on Building a Global Advertising Network

Kenny:    There’s multiple parts to that idea, which we call audience on demand.  So, the first part is to collect the audience, and we’re working with the major networks, whether that be the Google and DoubleClick System or the Microsoft and Atlas System, to connect from them to all the other networks so we can really track people by what they’re interested in.  So, for instance, we might know new mothers, we might know dog owners, cat owners.  We might know people who are intending to buy new automobiles.  We might know people who are intending to sell used automobiles.  So, we can segment people by their interest and their passions based on all the things they tell us about themselves and all the places they visit.  Once we do that, we need to give them messages that are relevant to them, and the way we do that is to take a brand and then slice it into all these individual segments and then alter sometimes the message to better [see] each segment.  So that’s the system we’re trying to design.  Then, of course, the challenge is how do you do that cost effectively, and, for that part of it, we’re using both automation and talented people around the world, sometimes in lower cost locations, like Costa Rica, like the Ukraine, like China, perhaps even someday in Palestine, so we’re finding great talented people around the world and using those talents to create diversion as opposed to creating them in the same markets where, quite honestly, in some places talent’s just simply too expensive.  And that’s to create, the creative that kind of fuels this whole engine of meeting in audience on demand. 

David Kenny discusses the myriad ways the internet has changed the industry.

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