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Kenny is Chairman and CEO of Digitas and is a member of the Publicis Groupe Executive Committee, the P12. He leads the Group's overall digital and interactive strategy. Beginning with[…]

David Kenny compartmentalizes the role Google plays in the digital ad space.

Kenny:    Well, I don’t think Google really replaces everything an advertising agency does.  I think they automate media processes.  I think they help people find information that’s useful to them.  So, we actually think the growth of Google is one of the best things that could happen to our industry because it’s going to automate a lot of the basic transactions, it’s going to make it easier for people to tell us what they’re interested in and easier for us to respond to them.  So, in many ways, creating a more open, transparent market only helps us because it creates better opportunities for us to connect to people.  I don’t see them moving all the way into personalization and individual brand expression.  I think that they’re more about scale activities and we’re more about adaptation.