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Expanding the paradigm of journalism.

Question:  Do you think of yourself as a journalist?

Hauslaib: No.  I wouldn’t apply the term “journalist” to myself.  I think we operate with some journalistic practices, but by no means would I carry that title.

                       Question: Is blogging a form of journalism? 

David Hauslaib: I think that’s a terrible question that’s often asked by sort of mainstream media who are trying to grasp this.  It’s not mutually exclusive.  There is journalism that appears on blogs, so I guess that’s blogging and journalism.  And then there are sites like mine that are journalistic, but you know aren’t sort of hard, fast sticking to that definition.  And then I think you have, you know, random, rambling 13 years old who are printing whatever idea pops in their head, and I think that’s just blogging.  You know I think every mainstream publication out there from Time to the New York Times is trying to jump on this blogging phenomenon.  And they are using journalism to fuel that.  It just happens to appear online in a different form.


Recorded on: Jan 23 2008