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Brian Henson is Chairman of The Jim Henson Company and an award-winning director, producer, writer and performer. Most recently, he created "Stuffed and Unstrung," an off-Broadway puppet-based variety show geared[…]

Brian Henson talks about growing up with stuffed siblings.

Question:rnWho is your favorite Muppet?


Brian Henson: The Muppets were always sort of like my family rngrowing uprnand I didn’t really have favorites. rnKermit the Frog was most similar to my dad when he was in playfulrn mood,rnand of course, it was the most fun to be with my dad when he was in a rnplayfulrnmood.  So I would tend to sayrnKermit was maybe my favorite character. rnBut truthfully, they were all so a part of my life growing up rnthat it’srnmore like saying, who’s your favorite brother or sister? rn You wouldn’t really have an answer.


Question:rnDo you think Miss Piggy and Kermit’s marriage lasted?


Brian Henson:  I think it’srnstill in question as to whether they really ever got married.  They’re one of those relationships, yournknow?  They’re going to be togetherrnand they’re going to be pulled apart, and I don’t know.  Whorn could live with Miss Piggy?  It’s hard. Even for rnKermit, that’srnhard. 

Recorded on April 8, 2010