C. Raj Kumar on His Life in Academia

Question: What is your background?

Kumarj: Well, just … I’ve completed my basic law studies from the Faculty of Law of Delhi University, and then I was working at the National Human Rights Commission in India for a year, after which I got the Rhodes Scholarship to go to Oxford. I did my Masters in Law at the University College Oxford, after which I got admission to the Harvard Law School where I completed my LL. M., and I briefly worked at a New York law firm for a year, after which I decided to move into [Academia]. I was a Visiting Fellow at NYU Law School after that, and then I did some teaching and research in Japan, after which around, in… from middle of 2002 onwards, I have been in Hong Kong for the last, over 5 years. And that was, that’s my, essentially my academic background.

C. Raj Kumar discusses his academic background.

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