Brand Resuscitation for BP

Question: Can brands that have lost the trust of the public \r\never bounce back?

\r\nBob Lord: So the classic example of a brand that \r\ndid very, very well was J&J back I believe in the '70s where there \r\nwas a Tylenol scare and they pulled lots of product off the shelf.  \r\nActions speak louder than anything that you can do or say in marketing. So when we talk about marketing, when we talk about actions—and BP is \r\nchallenged at this moment in time and probably will continue to be \r\nchallenged—but no amount of marketing, no amount of ads they have in \r\nthe New York Times or commercials that they put out there are really \r\ngoing to help them until their actions are speaking louder than their \r\nwords and they stop the leak and then they do the cleanup and I think \r\nthen they would be able to revive themselves.  I believe when brands are\r\n challenged they can’t talk about things.  They need to act very quickly\r\n and their actions will allow them then to rise again and actually could\r\n put them in a better position than they were sometimes before.  You can\r\n sometimes turn a lemon into lemonade in these situations. 
Should BP be focusing on marketing during the oil spill \r\ndisaster?

\r\nBob Lord: Yeah, I think thing that the BP organization can do \r\nright now is really from a public relations standpoint is to inform the \r\npublic about what they’re doing and how they're doing it and the actions\r\n that they're going through, and the process they're going through to \r\nestablish and who they're bringing in to help them.  They shouldn’t try \r\nto handle this on their own right now.  They should get citizen \r\ncommunities involved.  They should take recommendations from people \r\nabout what they should be doing or shouldn’t they be doing and they \r\nshould bring that into their plan to create that "we’re all in this \r\ntogether to solve this awful disaster that is happening in the Gulf of \r\nMexico right now."  I think as the plan starts to execute, which it is \r\nand they’re starting to siphon off some oil now, and they start to make \r\nprogress, once it seems as though they have turned the corner I think \r\nthen they can open up the marketing speak again about how BP is helping \r\nto change the environment, et cetera, et cetera.

Recorded on June 16, 2010
\r\nInterviewed by Jessica Liebman

Following the gulf oil spill disaster, the best thing that BP can do is to clean up the mess as quickly as possible. "Their actions will allow them then to rise again and actually could put them in a better position," says the Razorfish global CEO.

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