Booker discusses the resignation of Governor Spitzer

The truth has to come out before making a judgment, but Booker hopes we can be compassionate.
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Question: Should Governor Spitzer resign?

Cory Booker: Well, first of all, I don't know the facts yet and I've learned from being in this business--I read an article about me today that was not true, not that it wasn't true but the facts were not presented in a way that gave a full color of what really was going on so--being in the center and reading about yourself, I am so slow to make judgments until the truth comes out. So I withhold judgment on Spitzer, but, if a politician, or not even a politician--you can pick other careers--somebody that has the public trust is guilty of a federal crime, yeah, they should resign, so I will say that. But we as a people, let's--as he resigns, as he loses his dignity and loses face, so on and so forth, I hope that we all conduct ourselves in a way of compassion