Behind the Scenes With Obama Girl

Ettinger:    Yeah.  It’s a pretty funny story, actually.  We all met, again, at a Starbucks, and by we all I meant me and Ben, and that day Ben decided he wasn’t going to shoot it himself on his own handheld.  He was going to hire somebody, like, 3 hours before the shoot.  So, we actually posted an ad on Craigslist and found our cameraman and our director 3 hours before the shoot.  So that’s crazy right there.  So then we all met at Starbucks and we shot around the vicinity of Central Park.  We hopped on the subway, shot, you know, on 42nd Street, Times Square area and then downtown and then at the studio, and it took about 6 or 7 hours and it was a lot of just, like, yeah, kind of go with the flow.  Do this and walk, you know, walk down the street and sing these lyrics and do whatever you want to do.  I kind of had a free rein of whatever I felt like doing and they had their idea and they kind of just all meshed together and came out to be this great video.  And it’s funny, because it was really hot that day, and I remember, like, after the video came out and started becoming, like, big, I’m like, oh my gosh!  I didn’t even brush my hair that day!  Like, I never did a makeup touch up.  I didn’t have anyone, like, telling me, Amber, you’re hair is, like, a mess.  It’s embarrassing now, but, I guess, you know, if I had planned it to try and be too perfect, it wouldn’t have been the same. 

Obama Girl tells the story of shooting the world-famous video.

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