America's Place in the World

Restoring America's role as the world's beacon is important.
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Wes Boyd: The United States is a beacon for the world. And in the idea that . . . in the idea of freedom, the idea that liberty is a fundamental principle in how we operate our economies, in how we operate our power . . . how we run our power relationships. And so the United States has to figure out how to operate as a _______ power without losing that ability to be a beacon. And this is . . . this is a very hard problem. It’s not been done before when one country has so much military power, but the rest of the world is coming up economically and culturally. How does that have a happy ending? And I think we’re gonna have to be very smart to figure that out. And . . . and approach it with great humility.

Recorded on: 7/5/07