A Big Career Mistake: Loving New York Too Much

Question: What was the biggest mistake you’ve made in your career?

Matthew Bishop: Okay, I need to think about that. The greatest mistake I think I have made is not going to China when I had the opportunity to go and be based in Beijing for a couple of years about a decade ago. I think that would have been an extraordinary experience to see that economy and that political system really come out of the old communist days and into this new era. And I still would love to spend time in China professionally at some point in the future because so much of the future of the world is going to be shaped by what happens in China.

Question: Why did you decide not to go?

Matthew Bishop: I was just enjoying living in New York too much, so I just didn’t want to go and rough it in Beijing at that point.

Recorded on:  September 24, 2009

Matthew Bishop’s biggest career mistake was staying in New York City when he should have pursued an opportunity abroad.

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