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Bitcoin is closer to breaking into the mainstream than ever before

There are some big hurdles for Bitcoin to overcome. Cryptocurrencies must become practical for real-world use.

Bitcoin burglaries: The 5 biggest cryptocurrency heists in history

At the beginning of July 2018, blockchain security firm CipherTrace reported that $731 million has been stolen from crypto exchanges this year alone.

What is 'crypto-anarchy'? It could soon shape your world

Like it or not, agreements made between hackers in Germany, Prague, and elsewhere could reconfigure the economy... and a frightening new world.

6 sci-fi prophecies that are already here

Think the future isn't already here with us? Think again!

How blockchain can create a more humane process for refugees

Blockchain technology could help alleviate the struggles of asylum seekers who are many times left in the wake of political fights.

Why subclinical narcissists have a competitive advantage

New research shows narcissists aren't smarter than the average person, but they have a secret weapon that helps them succeed: mental toughness.