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Want to protect the health of 35 million Americans? Legalize cannabis.

Tens of millions of Americans consume cannabis regularly. They're likely ingesting high levels of toxins. Only the federal government has the power and the resources to protect them.

Did Jesus use cannabis oil to perform miracles?

As marijuana grows more acceptable in the US, fringe groups and experts are beginning to consider its role in the Christian faith. Could cannabis oil have helped Jesus perform miracles?

Supercomputer Aurora 21 will map the human brain, starting in 2021

Aurora 21 will help the US keep pace among the other nations who own the fastest supercomputers. Scientists plan on using it to map the connectome of the human brain.

Sexbots are coming and experts say the results won’t be good

“Sexbots” are coming. They're supposed to fill in the gap for the career focused, help undermine sex trafficking and abuse, and even curb STI rates, but are these claims true?

We now know what a spiritual awakening looks like inside the brain

Neuroscientists are now beginning to unravel the neurobiological processes that take place inside the brain, during a spiritual awakening.

The mystery of the Neolithic bottleneck may be over, thanks to one plucky undergrad

At one point during the Neolithic era, the Y-chromosome in our species became far less diverse. Called the Neolithic bottleneck, the reason for it may have finally been revealed.

Want to know where the next Ebola outbreak will strike? Follow the bats

A global Ebola pandemic could cause tens of millions of deaths. To prevent this, researchers at Lehigh University have created a predictive model based on the migratory patterns of bats.

Is excess belly fat caused by your genes or your diet?

Researchers have put to bed an important question: is our genetic makeup responsible for an overabundance of abdominal fat, or is our diet the most significant factor?

The last frontier on planet Earth will be mapped by 2030

Only 5-15% of the World Ocean’s floor has been mapped. This herculean effort is set to tackle our planet’s last frontier.

How does music affect your eating habits?

Believe it or not, our eating habits are influenced by what music is playing and other forces that we may not be consciously aware of.

Does electroshock treatment work for major depression?

Shock treatment may be the best therapy for major depression. Unfortunately, the stigma against it is holding back the potentially beneficial treatment.

This little-known physics law silently controls your life

Ever recognize the repeating patterns of nature? There’s a theory for that.

What is the Great Attractor, and will it destroy us?

Our understanding of the universe has expanded tremendously in the last few decades. But there are still some mysteries out there, and the Great Attractor is one of them.

Low gravity may hold the key to a healthy heart

The impact of this research could help save millions of lives each year. Only thing is, it has to be done from space.

How does sex alter the brain?

Sex alters the brain in a variety of interesting ways.

Did the Knights Templar invent modern banking?

What’s the truth about one of history’s most mythologized order of knights?

A new tooth-mounted sensor will soon help you lose weight

Although there are many advantages, it could be problematic for one particular group of people.

Is the speed of light slowing down?

Several things in nature go faster than the speed of light, without challenging general relativity.

What is an equinox? 10 need-to-know facts

El Castillo, a pyramid in Mexico, was built in such a way that the “snake of sunlight” would slither down its steps at the dawning of each equinox, as the sun rose into the sky.

Could a pathogen be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease?

Although we’ve had compelling evidence of this for decades, the pathogen hypothesis is finally being taken seriously.

Were there ever any real Amazon warrior women?

The myths and legends of the Amazons are fascinating and telling of the Greek culture they enthralled and through them, our own culture as well.

Why the best self-driving cars may come from Russia, not California

The weather in most parts of Russia forces drivers to face harsh conditions — snow, mud, and poor visibility. It's in this environment that Cognitive Technologies saw an opportunity.

Are humans domesticated animals?

If the neural crest hypothesis is correct, humans are the first domesticated animals. But who, or what, tamed us?

Which is more dangerous for your brain: Alcohol or marijuana?

Years of inconsistency in marijuana studies sent UC-Boulder researchers pouring over all the MRI data associated with alcohol and pot.

Can you really pick up on good and bad 'vibes'? Yes, suggests new research.

A newly discovered phenomenon shows that humans communicate outside of mere auditory and visual modes.

Why you can never truly be an ex-Catholic

The Vatican puts the number of Catholics in the world at 1.2 billion. But is that number accurate? And who do they count among their ranks?

Bitcoin mining: What is it? Why does it consume so much energy?

Once a lucrative exercise anyone could do, bitcoin mining has grown out of control, and governments are weighing what to do.

5G networks debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics, changing how we experience sport

Events, entertainment, and transportation are literally being transformed during this year’s Olympics.

Valentine’s Day in South Korea: A delightful and complicated social game

Understanding how some East Asians celebrate Valentine’s Day can tell us a lot about Western culture and what the East and West have in common.

New therapy cures cancer with just one injection

It neutralized not only the tumor it was injected into but malignancies all over the body.

A new brain implant could slow Alzheimer’s progression

One patient retained the ability to dress herself, make a simple meal, and even change her plans depending on the weather.

Alibaba looks to upgrade the technology used in the Olympics

The world’s largest e-commerce company has proposed some really interesting upgrades.

Why the Olympics have always been a better stage for politics than sport

"Sports is war minus the shooting," said George Orwell. So far, however, a thawing of tensions between North Korea and South Korea has been the big political story of the 2018 Olympic Games.

Scientists have discovered where anxiety comes from

Anxiety disorders are common. Yet, many find current treatments methods only partially effective.

New A.I. police car brings us one step closer to Robocop

The capabilities on this thing are both impressive and worrisome.

Trump's State of the Union Address: How does it measure up to presidents past?

How relatable was Trump’s speech? To evaluate this objectively, you could look at what reading level it was at.


If you can decipher the clues in this poem, you’ll find a treasure worth $2 million

The eccentric millionaire has been offered bribes and gotten death threats. Yet, he holds steadfast, as this remarkable treasure hunt stands as his legacy.

Could an updated Feynman experiment finally lead to a Theory of Everything?

Measuring quantum gravity has proven extremely challenging, stymying some of the greatest minds in physics for generations.

How bad an investment are the Olympic Games for host cities?

If most people knew the details, they might feel very differently about the games.