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Cybercrime: Everything in the Digital Space is Up For Grabs – Everything

Do you know how your iPhone works? Because cybercriminals do. Futurist and global security advisor Marc Goodman explains how our void in tech knowledge lets hackers have a field day, and how to make yourself less vulnerable.

Implanted Medical Devices: Saving Our Lives, Tempting Computer Hackers

Medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps will save many lives, but they also represent an opportunity to computer hackers who would use the Internet to cause havoc.

Techniques Modern Terrorists Use to Stay One Step Ahead of Police

After the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris, technology expert Marc Goodman shares how insurgents use their media savvy and technological prowess to outmaneuver law enforcement.

Hey Siri, Where Can I Bury a Dead Body?

When Siri helped a young criminal nearly get away with murder, future crimes expert Marc Goodman realized how algorithms had become co-conspirators in a new age of digital crime.

From Crowdsourcing to Crime-sourcing: The Rise of Distributed Criminality

Crowdsourcing began as a legitimate tool to leverage the wisdom of the crowds to solve complex business and scientific challenges. Unfortunately, these very same techniques are increasingly being adopted by the criminal underground for nefarious purposes.